Cryogenic, ultra high vacuum, superconductivity technology research and development company specializing in CVE

CVE Co., Ltd. was the first company to design and manufacture prototypes necessary for research facilities and application technologies required for active research in this field, based on cryogenic technology, ultrahigh vacuum technology, and superconductivity technology. In addition, it is a technology-intensive corporation that is essential for Korea to introduce and utilize the latest information and designing technology of foreign countries directly and actively in research and technology development.

Especially, it is a joint venture with Cryovac Corp. of Japan. It is easy to introduce advanced technology and latest technology information and has international competitiveness.

CVE has produced valve box, and cryogenic piping for superconducting magnet experiment related to K-STAR research project. Also, We have produced various Cryostat for MRI, NMR, Superconducting generator / Superconducting Cable/ Other related equipment for various research purposes. In addition, we have successfully developed a large-sized FRM cryostat with a diameter of 1m and participated in the development project of 1MVA superconducting transformer, which is one of the DAPAS research projects. In the project of developing superconducting cable system, we have developed 22.9kV terminal cryostat and cooling system, It has played a key role in the development of superconducting power system.

We are also the distributor of Linde Kryotechnik AG in Switzerland, Cryovac Corp. in Japan and Cryovac Corp. in Japan. We also supply special equipment for KSTAR, DAPAS business and Superconductivity related research.

Company holding qualification and certification
  • Registered as a foreign invested company (No.9017)
  • Registered as a venture company (98 / 62721-111)
  • Registered as class A trade agency business (No.9702707)
  • Special Members of Korea Institute of Applied Superconductivity and Cryogenic
  • Designated as a promising advanced technology company (The Small & Medium Business Administration 00060)
  • Gas facilities construction industry Class 1 (Suwon 2015-23-02)
  • Registration of Manufacturing Facilities for Specific Facilities (No. 2015-6)
  • Korea total agency
    – LINDE Kryotechnik AG.(Swiss)
    – CryoVac Corporation (Japan)
Company Overreview
  • Company Name : CVE (Cryogenic and Vacuum Engineering)
  • President : Kim Sung-Rae, Kwon Oh-Bum
  • Business Field : Superconductivity, Cryogenic device design, Manufacturing and Import sales
  • Established : January, 1997
  • Capital : 300 Million Won
  • Number of Employees : 18
Clients & Partners
sk ecoengineering
Linde Kryrotechnik AG
Samsung Electronics
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
Korea Basic Science Institute
Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science
Korea Electric Power Research Institute
Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute
Korea Istitute of Machinery & Materials
Korea Aerospace Research Institute