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CVE is Korea's first company to research and develop cryogenic, ultra-high vacuum and superconductivity technology.


Cryogenic Cooling Facilities

Vacuum Insulation Piping, Cooling System, Compact Liquefier, He Liquefaction Plant


Cryogenic Equipment

Superconducting Power Device, Superconducting Accelerator, Medical Equipment, Others

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Import Sales

Linde, Kryotechnik

CVE Research Institute


Cryogenics, Ultra-high vacuum, Superconductivity technology labarotory

CVE is the first company in Korea to design and manufacture prototypes necessary for research facilities and application technologies required for active research in this field based on cryogenic, ultra-high vacuum and superconductivity technology.

  • Cryostat, Valve Box
  • Cryostats for MRI, NMR, Superconducting generator
  • Cryogenic cooling device for Superconducting power cable
  • Cryostats for various research purpose
  • Development of Large Scale FRP cryostat
  • FRP Cryostat
  • Cryogenic piping
  • Other related equipment

Clients & Partners

Hanyang ENG
Institute for Basic Science
LS Cable & System
Korea Aerospace Research Institute
Korea Istitute of Machinery & Materials
Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute
Korea Electric Power Research Institute
Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science
Korea Basic Science Institute
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
Samsung Electronics
Linde Kryrotechnik AG

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