CVE Research Institute

As an affiliated research institute affiliated with our head office, we are engaged in research and development for participating in national research and development projects, research on development and performance improvement of cryogenic equipment such as high vacuum and thermal insulating, welding technology and precision processing technology.

1. Research and Technology


Manufacture technology of SIVP and Bayonet Connector

  • Technology of manufacturing cryogenic vacuum piping of various cryogenic refrigerants such as liquefied nitrogen and liquefied helium
  • Bayonet Connector manufacturing technology for easy detachment of piping

Manufacture technology of LHe Cryostat and FRP Dewar

  • Cryostat design of equipment requiring LTS and liquefied helium

→ reduced evaporation of liquefied helium by minimizing heat penetration

  • NMR and SQUID FRP Dewar Fabrication

→ For the uniformity of the magnetic field, the entire Dewar is made of non-metal

2. Major Research Field

Conceptual design of Cryogenic Equipment

Thermal Dynamics Basic

  • Thermal Dynamics Basic
  • Characteristics of refrigerant, transportation phenomenon
  • Calculation energy loss

Thermal Analysis

  • Principle of low temperature generating device
  • Thermal properties of materials
  • Heat transfer of low temperature fluid
  • Mechanism of heat transfer (path)
  • Analysis technique using -3D tool

Structure Analysis

  • Properties of cryogenic materials
  • Analysis technique using -3D tool

Thermal Insulation

  • Vacuum technology
  • Evaporation gas (latent heat) utilization technology
  • Heat exchange technology

Cryogenic Device Manufacturing Design
  • Selection of materials according to conceptual design– Mechanical design and cryogenic temperature control technology based on conceptual design– Current introduction and signal wiring design according to conceptual design
  • Optimal design through 3D modeling
Cryogenic Device Assembly & Fabrication
  • Welding & Assmebly technology
  • Thermal Insulation technology
Cryogenic Device Test & Inspection
  • Vacuum leak measurement and high vacuum exhaust
  • Temperature, pressure and flow measurement
  • Heat loss measurement
  • 3T MRI design production
  • 250MHz NMR design production
  • Design and manufacture of LTS generator
  • Design and manufacture of LTS SQUID
  • Design and manufacture of KSTAR / LH line for magnet test
  • Design and manufacture of KSTAR / Magnet test copper 1st and 2nd distribution boxes
  • Design and manufacture of domestic superconducting power equipment and cooling system
  • Design and manufacture of temperature control device
  • ibs / superconducting accelerator project
  • Cryostat for vertical test
  • Cryostat for ECR IS
  • QWR, HWR # 1, SSR # 2 Low temperature maintenance module
  • SRF TFCS Helium Liquefaction Facility and Distribution System
  • Numerous domestic superconducting cryogenic equipment design

3. CVE is the history of cryogenics and vacuum equipment research in Korea.