1. Cryogenic cooling facility design business

Transfer Line (SIVP)
  • LHe transfer line
  • LN2 transfer line
  • LH2 transfer line
  • LO2 transfer line
  • Valve
  • Various piping materials
Cooling System
  • Gas/Liquid Seperator
  • LN2 Refrigerant supply device
  • Clients : Laboratory, Compaby

2. Superconductivity & cryogenic equipment design business

Special Research Purposes
  • Superconducting applications
    – Superconducting power cable terminal and
    cooling device
    – Superconducting fault current limiter, superconducting transformer, superconducting
    – Superconducting energy storage (SMES)
    – Medical equipment (SQUID, MRI)
    – Nuclear fusion device, superconducting
  • Nuclear equipment
  • – Cold Neutron Generator (CNS)
  • SQUID FRP cryostat (NMR, NCR)
  • Remark : Laboratory, Company,
    (Special Research Purposes)

3. Cryogenic equipment import sales business

Helium Liquefaction Facility
  • Study of large-scale refrigerant consumption
    – Nuclear fusion device
    – accelerator
    – CNS
    – Research on new energy (hydrogen energy)
Cryogenic Equipment & Refrigerator
  • Superconducting applications
  • Compact cooling device
  • Remark :
    Helium Liquefaction Facility – Linde(Swiss)
    Cryogenic Equipment & Refrigerator – CryoVac(Japan)

4. R&D business

National policy research project
  • Superconducting magnet system research and development (KSTAR)
  • Developed Cryostat for MRI
  • Superconductivity cardiacity measurement system
  • Small and medium-sized power storage device
    using superconductivity
  • Development of high quality small-scale superconducting power generator
  • Development of Cryostat for Conduction cooling
  • Development of superconducting magnet for
    single crystal growth device
  • Development of high-capacity cooling system for superconducting transformer
  • Development of Transmission Class Superconduc
    ting Cable Terminal and Cooling System
Development of own new technology
  • New product development
  • Acquire advanced new technology
Research Presentation
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Journal
  • The Korea Institue of Applied Superconductivity
    and Cryogenics , Journal
  • Remark :

National policy research project
– Joint research, CVE Self research

Development of own new technology
– Development

Research Presentation
– Contribution and Presentation